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Consultancy services for the charity and not for profit sector.  Strategy Development, fundraising, governance, collaborations and partnerships.

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting: case studies


Stay bang up to date with developments in the sector and our latest thinking on issues affecting charities and social enterprises.

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting: case studies

Julian Lomas

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After more than a decade helping over 120 charities and social enterprises across the UK, we have been reflecting on just a few of the success stories amongst our clients and the roles Almond Tree Strategic Consulting has played in helping them achieve their goals.

With their permission, we have published 5 case studies of our work, both to celebrate the successes of five amazing clients and to help prospective clients get a practical understanding of the help we can offer.

These first 5 case studies focus on:

In time, we hope to publish more case studies, covering other areas of our work.  in the meantime, we hope these 5 stories give you a good idea of what we offer on strategy and planning, fundraising, governance, mergers and project management.  

If you would like to talk to us further about the support we could offer your charity or social enterprise, please contact us at for a free initial telephone consultation.