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Consultancy services for the charity and not for profit sector.  Strategy Development, fundraising, governance, collaborations and partnerships.


Charity incorporation

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting has supported Adviza Partnership to develop their funding strategy, win major contracts and project manage their implementation as well as supporting their governance.

In 2017-18, we supported the Group Analytic Society, International (GASI) to covert from an unincorporated association to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).


GASI is a small, international charity established to promote group analysis and its multiple applications. In early 2017, GASI Trustees decided to incorporate the charity to make employment of staff simpler and to protect Trustees better against personal liabilities. This case study outlines how we supported GASI through the incorporation process.

Julian was a superb choice to steer us through the incorporation process. He provided a clear timetable, draft documents and advice on all governance and finance aspects to fit our specific characteristics as a charity. He responded swiftly, fully and patiently to my many queries.
— Sarah Tyreman, Treasurer, Group Analytic Society International

Having decided in principal to incorporate the Charity, GASI Trustees sought advice and support from Almond Tree Strategic Consulting to establish the best form of incorporated charity to convert to and the correct process to follow to achieve that.

We provide a board paper outlining the options, recommending a CIO, and setting out the process required to convert. Given the highly dispersed international membership of GASI it was considered important to consult the membership on the proposals before proceeding with the AGM resolutions required for incorporation (i.e to establish a new CIO, transfer assets to it and wind up the unincorporated members association).  Our support for GASI through this project involved:

  • preparing a bespoke CIO constitution, AGM resolutions and asset transfer agreement, which we led with support from solicitors Blandy and Blandy LLP;
  • preparing a range of other documentation including policies on membership tiers and election procedures;
  • developing a project plan and providing project management support;
  • registering a new CIO with the Charity Commission (after securing agreement from the GASI members at the AGM in August 2017) and filing all other necessary notifications with the Commission; and
  • advising on a wide range of issues relating to the transfer of assets, liabilities and staff to the new CIO.

Later in the incorporation project, GASI also asked us to help prepare a range of other policy documentation for the new CIO, including financial controls, data protection, complaints, health and safety, delegated authorities and a Trustee Handbook.

The transfer of assets from the old unincorporated members association to the new CIO completed successfully on 31 March 2018. We are delighted to have helped GASI to navigate successfully through the incorporation process, which was made more demanding for them by the international nature of the charity.  We continue to provide advice and support to GASi on post-incorporation issues as they arise.

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