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Consultancy services for the charity and not for profit sector.  Strategy Development, fundraising, governance, collaborations and partnerships.


Project Management

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting helps charities and social enterprises manage change, including implementing systems for effective project and risk management and managing significant projects.

Project Management

ATSC Project Management

Effective project management can save you money, maximise the impact of your work and help you get things done more quickly.  It doesn’t have to be a bureaucratic nightmare; in fact it never should be.  

ATSC offers project management services both in directly managing projects for you (such as the implementation of a new service) and in helping you design effective, low cost project management approaches that work for your organisation.  

This can range from management of small projects such as a local event, to comprehensive programme management of multiple, interlinked projects, including helping you identify, assess and manage the risks associated with implementing change.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your charity or social enterprise please get in touch.

We have worked with Julian Lomas of Almond Tree Strategic Consulting for many years and couldn’t be happier with the support he provides. He has taken the time to understand our business and is, quite simply, our first port of call whenever we need additional capacity or specialist input at a strategic level, including for the management of large scale projects and the set up phase for large contracts. The quality and speed of his response is second to none.
— Sue Gale, Deputy Chief Executive, Adviza Partnership