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Happy new year! How Agile is your organisation?


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Happy new year! How Agile is your organisation?

Julian Lomas


Our associate and colleague John Eary has recently published a new book: Agile Working And The Digital Workspace.

As the blurb for John’s book says, organisations are increasingly adopting new ways of working to take advantage of new digital technologies to enhance the services they can offer and become more productive. This book defines and explains the different terms that are used to describe new ways of working and identifies the benefits and limitations of different approaches.

Readers will learn about the key components of successful agile working and how a holistic approach is needed for the successful implementation of agile working.

John provides advice on the introduction of new ways of working, including preparing a robust business case, setting up an agile working program, and providing a road map. He also assesses contributions of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to the digital workspace and agile working.

Having worked with John a number of times over the years I can assure you that he really knows his stuff and has a wonderful knack of making what appear to be complex issues simple to understand and, more importantly, to implement. He particularly focuses on people and how they work rather than fancy technological solutions that don’t work because people won’t or can’t adopt them. I heartily recommend his book for any organisation wanting to enhance efficiency and improve their services by taking advantage of new technologies.

If my recommendation isn’t enough, then let me add to it that of my excellent colleague and workplace strategist, Bryan Thomas of CPB projects:

Amid a myriad of competitive pressures for both customers and talent, ‘Agile Working and the Digital Workplace’ is essential reading for any organisation that aspires to build and secure its competitive advantage. John has mapped out the benefits and routes to achieving a more agile organisation. The complexity of such a significant cross-functional, cultural shift in performance and productivity is addressed with the benefit of John’s great experience.”