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A new Code of Fundraising Practice


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A new Code of Fundraising Practice

Julian Lomas

In early June 2019 the Fundraising Regulator published the New Code of Fundraising Practice, which it will use in its regulation of the sector from October 2019. And its huge! 117 pages huge including the rulebooks!

To be fair, It is pretty easy to navigate to the sections you need for your fundraising strategy and practice without having to read a load of material that just isn’t relevant to your charity

The main advantages of the new code appear to be that it is a single document - consolidated from the previous plethora of code-related documentation - and it is genuinely written in plain English (hoorah!). .

I’m also relieved to discover that the basic standards and principles haven’t changed dramatically from the old code; there isn’t going to be a great upheaval in what is required for best practice in fundraising. In fact if you were already working within the old code’s requirements you could be fine and where there was some uncertainty in the old code, the new one seems to be clearer both in language and in providing specific clarifications.

So our overall message is don’t panic (providing your were working within the requirements of the previous code). Take some time to review the new code and check that you are working within its requirements. Update training materials and policy documents where you need to (although there shouldn’t be too much of that to do) and make sure to disseminate the changes to your staff and volunteers.

If you’re not sure about anything, the Fundraising Regulator has a helpful enquiries line ( and 0300 999 3407) or we’d be happy to chat to you about your concerns.  Just contact us at to arrange free initial telephone discussion.