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Consultancy services for the charity and not for profit sector.  Strategy Development, fundraising, governance, collaborations and partnerships.


Impact assessment

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting helps charities and social enterprises develop and implement approaches to measuring and assessing the outcomes and impact of their work, including independent evaluation research.

Impact Assessment

ATSC Impact Assessment

Most charities are good at counting how much they deliver; how many people they serve and how.  Some (but surprisingly few) have good evidence of the outcomes/benefits they deliver for their beneficiaries and very few have any evidence of the wider impacts of what they do on communities.

This matters for a number of reasons:

  • You need to know what difference your services make and whether you need to improve delivery in certain areas.
  • Funders increasingly require evidence that what you do works and most want evidence of the impact delivered by their funding.
  • Having robust evidence of impact gives you a stronger voice within and beyond the sector and is motivating for your trustees, staff and volunteers.

ATSC can help you design and implement methodologies for managing performance, monitoring outcomes and assessing impact that are proportionate to your needs and deliverable within the resources available to you.  This includes how you can collect, record, recall, analyse and report on the impact of your work as well as conducting independent research to evaluate your services.

Julian, our Director, is a recognised international expert in practical performance and evaluation methodologies, having worked on capacity building projects in this area in the former Yugoslavia.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your charity or social enterprise please get in touch.

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting and Julian Lomas have helped Berkshire Youth find our way around some very complicated policy updates, provided us with good support in reviewing the organisation and shaping our offer to meet the current demands. Julian has supported the review of charity constitutions and prepared/delivered substantive performance management tools. Berkshire Youth has a sophisticated theory of change, to help young people realise the journey they have been on but to also evidence progress made to funders and partners. Julian has vast experience that has really helped with complex government grants from application to reporting and evaluation.
— David Seward, Chief Executive, Berkshire Youth